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Innovative Strategies for Agriculture

We Identify animals that use less energy to maintain their body weight,
allowing for more of the feed consumed to go toward production


We offer a patented test to identify feed efficient animals allowing our customers to limit feed costs while maintaining or increasing production.


Our founder grew up on a family farm and feedlot in Eastern Colorado and wants to improve producer profits. Improving feed efficiency will enhance producer profits and advance sustainability in animal agriculture.  


We’ve automated the process allowing anyone with minimal training to accurately test their animals.



    At Effani, we’re committed to helping animal agriculture producers be more profitable.  We understand that feed constitutes your single largest cost, our leading edge technology is laser focused to help you control feed costs. Sustainable practices, when profitable, allow you to connect with the customer through shared values. Our team is here to lend our years of experience in the animal agriculture industry to help you achieve your goals. Contact us to learn how the Effani test can positively impact your operation.  

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